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To calculate the area of a circle, square the radius and multiply by pi (approximately 3.14). This enables you to find the area of any circle.


One can calculate the diameter of a circle mathematically if the circumference or the area of the circle is known. If the location of the center of the circle is known, then the circle's diameter can be measured with a ruler passing through the center.


To calculate the circumference of a circle, multiply the diameter of the circle in question by pi. You need to know the diameter of the circle to complete this task.


The calculation of the radius of a circle is expressed by the equation r = C / 2 * pi. This is where r is the radius, C is the circumference and pi is the irrational number beginning with 3.14.


One simple way to calculate the perimeter of a circle is to multiply its radius by two and further multiply the product by pi. You need a ruler and a divider to accomplish this task.


The area of a circle is determined by the formula: A = π r2. You can easily calculate the area of a circle in under a minute. All you need is a calculator, a circle to measure and a tool with which to measure, such as a ruler.


There are exactly 360 degrees in any circle. A circle is a two dimensional shape that consists of a consistently curved line that continues until it meets itself.