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Ideally, highlights should be one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Incorrectly highlighting your hair, or using bleach, can damage your strands, leaving you with fried, brassy highlights. To get rid of the dull strands, learn various methods to brighten your highlights.


How to Bring Your Faded Highlights Back to Life (and Totally Skip the Salon) So long, stripes. By . Tina Ferrar o. August 26, 2015. Photo: Dan Jackson The beauty of highlights is pretty self ...


Dull Highlights Help: How to Keep the Color Bright. Dull highlights got you down? A reader needs help in brightening her highlighted blonde hair, and Ask the Pro Stylist has a few suggestions in this Wednesday’s Q&A.. Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day and that time of week for another Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. This Wednesday Marlene wrote in with a question to brighten her dull highlights.


Learn how to lighten hair naturally (and add highlights naturally) at home. We wrote about coloring hair naturally and thought you’d enjoy this article too! Last year I wrote an article on how to color hair naturally with homemade herbal hair dyes. Also, my sister Karyn, who naturally colors her hair often, recently asked if I could do ...


There are many choices of colors for highlights for blonde hair. If you would like to brighten up your complexion, you can opt for platinum blonde or light golden blonde highlights.


Of course, a little lemon won’t hurt. In fact, it will help keep blonde highlights bright. 7] Add Shine with a Spray. Spray on the shine to have hair that glows in the dark. Style the hair like normal and as a final touch, spray on the shine for highlights that gleam in the night. How to Brighten Blonde Hair at Home


Yikes! lol There are several colour-enhancing shampoos out there that are available to buy from either a salon or a wholesalers such as Sally, a golden tone would take off some of that ash, but as for a toner I would get advice from your own stylist.


Brighten Gray Hair in 3 Easy Ways Without Color. To brighten gray hair seems like an oxymoron, but there are ways to perk up aging hair without hair color. Read on to learn three ways to brighten gray without dying. Whoop, whoop, happy Hump Day hotties and welcome to this Wednesday’s Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist.