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Same here. My electric kettle boils water much faster than trying to bring a big pot of water up on the stove alone. When I need a large vat of water for pasta, I heat half the water on the stove,while I start the other half in my electric kettle. everything is boiling in much shorter amount of time.


High heat is useful when you want to get the water to reach boiling temperature quickly. Once you've got where you want, reduce the heat to medium (for boiling) or medium-low (for simmering). Once the water is at a rolling boil, more heat will only make it boil away faster.


Recipe editor Amy Machnak shows how to boil water fast. In a hurry to get your meal on the table? Recipe editor Amy Machnak shows how to boil water fast. ... The fastest way to boil water. In a hurry to get your meal on the table? Recipe editor Amy Machnak shows how to boil water fast Sunset. You May Like.


Perhaps you're thinking about this the wrong way. Rather boil water quickly, try to have a large quantity of boiling/hot water on hand. Get a giant thermos, you can usually find these at Asian supermarkets. They look like this: They'll hold about a gallon or more of water, depending on the model, and keep it near-boiling for quite some time.


The fastest way to boil water is to fill a pot with hot tap water, cover the pot and place it on the stove on the highest heat setting. Pure water boils faster than water with salt or other impurities. It is important to use an appropriately sized pot to boil water.


Add a few drops of water until you make a thick creamy paste. Apply liberally to the infected area (boil) and cover with a clean gauze pad or whatever you have. This WILL work for you fast drawing the enfection out into the pad! Try to change the bandage often but keep applying for 24 hours even if the boil is gone.


So many answers, so much good information. Now let's get serious about what we want and also look outside the box for what we can do. I'd like to discuss this two ways. First is under the limitations of the scenario and second is if changes are a...


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