There are a number of ways to cook smoked ham hocks, namely by roasting, grilling on the barbecue, deep-frying, and braising or boiling. All methods have different results but braising to begin with is advised as it make... More »

The exact cooking time for ham hocks depends on the cooking method and the cooking temperature; for example, ham hocks that are boiled in broth on low heat should cook for one or two hours. With cooking methods, such as ... More »

The ham hock is the lower segment of the pig's leg, equivalent to the ankle and calf region. Although it is not a particularly fatty portion of the pig, it contains a lot of collagen that breaks down during cooking and m... More »

Cook a ham in the oven by rinsing it in cold water, placing it in a roasting pan and cooking it for half the required time. Remove the ham, rub it with a glaze, and continue cooking while basting the ham regularly. More »

Good ways to cook a fresh bone-in ham include Paula Deen's recipe, which coats the ham in soy sauce and then seasons it with salt, pepper and garlic salt. Another tasty method from Fine Cooking uses a rub of lemon zest, ... More »

Make ham hocks with navy beans by soaking the beans in water overnight and boiling the ham hocks before combining the two main ingredients. Continue cooking until the beans are tender and ham hocks are falling apart. More » Food Cooking Meat

One recipe for a fresh pork hock is smoked ham hock. It is smoked on a grill with beer-soaked wood chips after being soaked in a honey-brine mixture. More » Food Cooking Meat