The Maryland State Archives notes that Maryland became a royal colony in 1692 after the English monarchy declared it as such. Sir Lionel Copley became Governor, having been appointed by England's joint monarchs, William ... More »

Queen Elizabeth II traces her roots back to her 32nd great-grandfather, King Alfred. He ruled England from 871 to 899, according to She is the oldest reigning British monarch in history. Reigning for over... More » History Modern History

Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo are some of the cast members from the TV series, “Royal Pains.” Feuerstein plays the role of Hank Lawson, a young emergency room doctor who is wrongfully blamed for an important patient... More » Art & Literature

The dominant religion in early Maryland was Protestantism, with a minority group of Catholics who fled to the colony to escape religious persecution. Though the colony was founded in 1634 by Cecillius Calvert, a Catholic... More »

Crops grown in the Maryland colony included tobacco, corn, soybeans, other vegetables and grains. Tobacco was the main cash crop in colonial Maryland. By the 1700s, tobacco had become such big business that the Acts of A... More »

The royal colonies were governed by the English monarchy via a royal governor appointed by the monarchy as well as a royal council. The governor and council were assisted by lower councils that they oversaw. More »

Maryland was the first colony to be founded on the proprietary system of government in which a private land owner or corporation was granted express power over all ruling aspects of the colony by the king. Maryland was t... More »