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A child that was born before the 8th of May 1984 by a Greek mother who at the time of her marriage or of the birth of the child was Greek, can become a Greek citizen if he/she (the child) declares such a will to the Greek authorities.


Fears of 200,000 to a half million non-Greeks “becoming Greek” and impacting elections are fictional. A majority 90 percent, or 200,000 applications in the queue, belong to foreign-born Greeks staking a claim via ancestry or descent. Acquiring Greek citizenship as an investor


Americans wishing to acquire Greek citizenship. If you are an American citizen wishing to stake a claim to Greek citizenship through an ancestor born in Greece since you yourself were not, or you were born in Greece but never acquired a Greek passport for whatever reason, this is your right.


If the father is Greek and paternity can be proven (for example, through a paternity test), the child will become Greek when an application is submitted for the child to become a Greek citizen, providing the child has not yet reached the age of 18. An alien who is over 18 may become Greek by naturalization.


Citizenship is the legal connection between the person and the country. So Greek citizenship is the legal connection between people who live in Greece or abroad and the country of Greece, the Hellenic Republic. If you become a Greek citizen, you will get a Greek ID and enjoy the same rights as Greeks and other European Union citizens.


Become a Greek citizen! News from the Consulate General in New York Consulate General in New York. Thursday 26 March 2020. Covid-19 Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement on the impact of the coronavirus situation on the movements of Greek citizens abroad Covid-19 Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement on the impact of the coronavirus ...


Obtaining A Greek Citizenship. https: ... Becoming a Greek citizen by going to school. A child not fulfilling any of the prerequisites mentioned above, can still obtain a Greek citizenship, if: she/he enrolls at the First Grade of a primary Greek school and is still attending, when the application is filed; and ...


CITIZENSHIP BY Marriage. Those who are married to a Greek citizen with at least one child and have resided in Greece for at least 3 years may apply for naturalization (reduced from the typically 10 year residence requirement). However, before 1984, a woman marrying a Greek citizenship acquired Greek citizenship automatically.


Children born before 8 May 1984 to Greek mothers, children born before 16 July 1982 to Greek fathers, or grandchildren of grandparents born in Greece are eligible to acquire Greek citizenship. It is suggested to obtain legal advice regarding application for citizenship through descent.


Please always bring along all data and documents establishing your Greek origin. Finally, it should be noted that, in accordance with Greek Law, the Greek citizenship is an inherent right of persons born to a parent who is a Greek citizen. As such, Greek Consular authorities do not “grant Greek citizenship”.