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Through ultrasound technology, sonograms are created, which are the images necessary for diagnosis. It is the job of the sonographer (or ultrasound tech) to operate the ultrasound machine and produce the sonogram used to properly diagnose the patient.


Certificate: One path to becoming a sonographer is by obtaining a certificate available at the postsecondary level, most often offered through vo-tech schools or community colleges. However, like the program available at Rochester Institute of Technology , in Rochester, N.Y. certificate programs can be quite long in length, 18 months, almost ...


Take the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) exams. These are not required for ultrasound technicians, but you will greatly increase your marketability—and in turn, your paycheck—by successfully completing these exams and becoming a certified ultrasound technician or Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). The exams include two parts: a general physics ...


Ultrasound Technician Requirements. An associates degree in diagnostic medical sonography is the minimum education required to become a practicing sonographer. In addition, people with strong listening and communication skills, as well as the ability to connect well others, will be preferred candidates for jobs.


8 Steps to Becoming a Sonographer in 2018 Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools 2019 Step 1: Major Sonography Education Requirements Step 2: Choose Your Ultrasound Tech School Step 3: Choose Your Ultrasound Training Program Step 4: Ultrasound Technician Courses Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid Step 6: Become a Certified Sonographer


A Look at How to Become a Sonography Technician If you are looking to become a sonography technician, there are a couple of different routes to achieve your goal. Many sonographers choose to complete a certificate program, while others look to an Associate's program in diagnostic sonography.


Becoming a certified ultrasound technician generally requires formal education with special training. Depending on prior experience and academic goals, there are several pathways to get there, from one-year programs to the bachelor’s degree. The timeline below outlines the most common steps to becoming a certified medical sonographer.


3 Easy Steps To Becoming an Ultrasound Technician: . Step 1: Complete an Ultrasound Technician Program accredited by CAAHEP. Step 2: Graduate and complete enough hours in your externship. Step 3: Sit the ARDMS exams.. Step 4: Apply for positions as a registered medical diagnostic sonographer. These steps are described in more detail below - but this is the process of becoming a medical ...


Ultrasound Careers in Australia We are regularly approached by people from around the world to provide advice regarding the pursuit of a medical ultrasound career in Australia. This page provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding how you can gain a qualification in ultrasound, or pursue a career as a qualified technician in Australia.


Diagnostic medical sonography, also known as sonography, uses ultrasound technology to examine the body’s organs, blood vessels and tissues. Sonographers work one-on-one with patients on the front lines of healthcare and play a critical role in helping to detect and monitor a variety of life-changing medical conditions such as high-risk ...