Nannies require no formal training for their profession, but an interested person may become a Certified Professional Nanny through one of the nanny schools that have been approved by the American Council of Nanny School... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Although no standardized process exists to become certified as a professional nanny, many people attend specialized schools that instruct nannies in subjects such as CPR and first aid, nutrition, safety and child develop... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

A successful nanny in Europe can make upward of $500 per week. Meeting the chosen country's employment guidelines, having the right qualifications and experience, ensuring that required certification is completed and hav... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

According to Baby Center, parents interviewing a nanny should ask about experience and training and for examples of childcare methods. Baby Center recommends asking for references from previous employers. More » Family Parenting Child Care

According to, the average rate for a full-time nanny is $8 to $20 per hour. A part-time nanny is paid between $12 and $25 per hour. The rates apply to caring for one child. More » Family Parenting Child Care

A nanny is responsible for the welfare of your child when you're not there. She is an extension of your household and someone you rely on. To find the right nanny for your child conduct a thorough interview and check out... More »

According to the Huffington Post, hiring a nanny can be a difficult and emotionally confusing process, and there are many factors to consider before making the final decision. The first step to hiring a nanny is the inte... More » Family Parenting Child Care