To bathe a puppy, wet her with warm water, and wash her with shampoo and warm water. Dry her with a towel, and let her shake off water. Take caution so that she doesn't shake water onto clean items. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Typically, a puppy should be bathed about once a month. However, depending on the breed and activities of the dog, more frequent bathing may be necessary. More »

One can safely bathe a three week old puppy, but most puppies do not require a bath. Usually, a pup's mother will clean the puppy. A puppy can always just be cleaned with a warm, wet washcloth. More »

To get rid of fleas on a puppy under 12 weeks, give the puppy a flea bath with a flea shampoo approved for use on puppies, use a flea comb, wash its bedding and treat the other adult animals in the home for fleas. It is ... More »

Making your own puppy shampoo can be an inexpensive and healthy way to groom your dog at home. You will need water, dish soap, and white vinegar to create your very own puppy shampoo. More »

Basic supplies for caring for an Australian shepherd puppy include bowls for food and water, a leash and collar, bedding, toys and grooming supplies. A puppy also needs puppy food, appropriate shelter, a crate and an ide... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Elvis Yorkshire Terrier notes there are many ways to care for a Yorkie puppy, including supplying quality food and water, bathing and grooming frequently and keeping a low-stress environment. Before the puppy comes home,... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs