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How to Avoid Being Served Court Papers or Notices. If you don't want to be served for whatever reason, this article may be able to help you. This article only applies in the United States. Research your State rules of civil procedure....


You may think that you can avoid being sued if you cannot be served by a process server, but this is not true. If you avoid a process server, it does make the process of suing you a bit more challenging for the person bringing legal action against you. But it does not mean that they cannot proceed.


Over the years I have noticed that I revisit the topic of whether or not you should avoid the process server in your debt collection lawsuit. It is usually spurred on by a person I meet with in a consultation who had a default judgment against them because they tried to avoid getting served.


It is not illegal to avoid service. However, in most cases, it makes little sense to do so. Ultimately, the more you cost the other side to serve you, the more it usually costs you. You rarely will avoid ultimately being served by being coy, and all the cloak and dagger maneuvers necessary to continually evade service is usually wasted.


What Happens When Someone Attempts to Avoid Being Served? When filing a civil lawsuit in the state of Florida, initial service of process on the defendants named in the lawsuit is critical in order to confer jurisdiction on the courts.


What happens if I continuously avoid being served lawsuit documents? Nobody lives at the address they have on file with me, so serving with anybody else at the household over 16 y.o. wont happen. Can they leave letter at my door ? or they need my actual signature to prove that i have been served ? Im in sate of Texas thanks ...


Should I Dodge Service of Process? I found out from a friend of mine that a guy I used to know is suing me. I haven’t received the papers yet, and I have had a couple of people tell me that I should just try to avoid being served because if the guy can’t serve me, he can’t sue me. Is this true? Steven Shelton Responds:


When it comes to serving someone with a subpoena, divorce papers, a summons, documents related to debt collection, or other legal papers that the intended recipient almost never wants to receive, people will indeed go to ridiculous extremes to avoid being served.


Best Answer: Someone yelling "legal documents" is identifying himself. It's not against the law to avoid being served, just pointless. Once he has enough proof that you actually live there, the plaintiff will serve you by putting notice in your local newspaper. That might be more embarrassing than a guy ...


If you are being sued and are liable for attorney fees and costs under a contract or statute, the fees and costs of publication will be added to the judgment that you might eventually have to pay. Avoiding service, such as not answering the door or coming out of your office to be served, is one thing.