To apply pencil eyeliner, prepare the pencil, rest your elbow on a steady surface, and draw the eyeliner along your upper lash line and then the lower one. Repeat the procedure for the other eye. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

Apply the eyeliner from the inner to the outer edges of the upper lash line. Close the eye, and pull the lid taut to draw the line. On the first pass, wiggle the line in between your lashes, and on the second pass, make ... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

Experts on Total Beauty suggest that an individual's level of experience in applying makeup determines the best ways to apply eyeliner. Beginners can follow a few simple steps. People with more experience can use more el... More »

To apply eyeliner, first sharpen the eye pencil. Hold your eyes taut, and draw small, light dots along the lash line. Use an eye shadow brush and a matching eye shadow to sweep across the dots, and then sweep the brush a... More »

Applying emo eyeliner involves creating a strong, dark line and layering liquid eyeliner over eye pencil. As Style Craze points out, getting the eyeliner right is key to creating a good emo or goth look. More »

Although the correct way to apply eyeliner is mainly a matter of preference, Oprah Winfrey recommends using pencil eyeliner, rather than liquid. There are many other ways to apply eyeliner, depending on the desired effec... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

To apply gel eyeliner, place an eyeliner brush at the middle of the upper lash line, draw a line to the outer corner, draw a line from the middle to the inner corner, and fill in any gaps. This five-minute process requir... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner