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Those eligible should apply for Medicare Part A because, for most people, it is premium-free, and it provides primary hospital coverage or supplements other insurance plans, reports the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Online enrollment is quick and easy on the official Social Security website,


Medicare Part D is the prescription drug plan for Medicare recipients. It went into effect in 2006, subsidizing the cost of prescription drugs. This plan can be used with Medicare as well as some other types of insurance, such as coverage provided through a person's employer.


If an individual already has Medicare Part A, and he wishes to sign up for Part B, he completes form CMS 40-B and mails or delivers it to his local Social Security Office, says the Social Security Administration. Enrollment is within a seven-month time frame of the applicant's 65th birthday.


There is an online portal on the government's Medicare website which allows people to apply for Medicare and Medicare Part A and Part B over the Internet. This is a feature designed to encourage engagement by senior citizens and others who require coverage but may have difficulty finding transportat


Apply for Medicare online by filling out the electronic application located on the Social Security website at SocialSecurity.gov. Apply for Medicare in person by visiting a local Social Security office and meeting with a Social Security representative.


When applying for Medicare, conduct research to know the open enrollment period and the different coverage parts, assess your healthcare needs, and consult a Medicare expert to help you choose the best plan, advises Bernard Health. Talking to family and friends, visiting the Medicare website or call


Medicare Part A is the hospital insurance plan of traditional Medicare coverage, while Medicare Part D consists of prescription drug plans that private insurance companies offer, reports AARP. Although Medicare Part A coverage is the same for all enrollees, Medicare Part D coverage varies depending


The deadline to apply for Medicare Part A usually is based around a person's birthday. The seven-month registration period begins three months before the birthday month and ends three months after the birthday month, notes Medicare.gov. For example, someone with an April birthday can apply Jan. 1 to


An individual can apply for Medicare Part A only, according to the Social Security Administration. When applying for Part A, an individual is asked if he wants to sign up for Part B as well. The individual is allowed to decline the invitation to apply for Part B.


Medicare Part D is a segment of Medicare coverage that helps pay for prescription drugs for patients. Originally, Medicare consisted of Part A for hospital expenses and Part B for doctor's visits. The increasing cost of medication led President George W. Bush to propose an expansion in the program.