A professional letter has the sender's address at the top of the page and the date the letter is written below the address. Below the date, put the recipient's name and address. Write a salutation to the recipient, inclu... More »

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An appropriate letter to the court of law must be written in business or professional tone with the text aligned to the left margin. The letter should be concise and to-the-point; correct spelling, punctuation and gramma... More »

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A professional thank you note should have a handwritten touch and include a greeting, a specific statement of thanks, a mention of the impact of the event, a kind closing and your signature with an appropriate sign-off. ... More »

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Write a proper letter by including the sender's address, the name and address of the person receiving the letter and the date. Write a salutation, the body of the letter and the ending. Finally, sign the bottom of the le... More »

A semi-block style letter is a less formal version of a block or a full-block letter with the differences being the sender's address, date, reference or attention line and complimentary closing. In addition, the signatur... More »

The main guideline for basic letter writing, such as a business letter, is to follow the standard format, which includes the sender's and recipient's address, the date, salutation, body of the letter and closing. Writers... More »

A certified letter should include the name and mailing address of the recipient, the sender’s return address and the time and date of mailing. The information must be entered into a certified mail form 3800. More »