General practice when writing a business letter is to use a Times New Roman size 12 font, with a left-justified block format that is single-spaced within paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs. To write the lett... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications

According to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, business letters take one of three formats: block, modified block and semi-block. In block format, the business letter is left justified and single-spaced with double ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

A change of address letter is sent to friends, relatives, businesses, and government agencies to advise them of you are moving to a new location. Properly timing these letters will ensure a smooth transition during the m... More »

Some formatting rules to follow when typing a business letter include using a block format, using a font such as Times New Roman size 12, and using a colon following the salutation and a comma after the closing. In the b... More »

A business letter most often uses block format, in which the letter is single-spaced and left justified, although paragraphs have double spaces separating them. The salutation uses a colon, and the closing has a comma. More »

A modified block-style letter is one type of conventional business correspondence. It differs from block format in that a modified block letter has the writer's name, company name, address, date and closing aligned a few... More »

Use a professional letter format that organizes information into three distinct paragraphs of information including: what the reader is being welcomed to, what the welcome entitles the reader to and a reiteration of the ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications