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To watch YouTube content on a Smart TV, start the YouTube app on the TV, access the Sign In page, and find the necessary activation code. Log in with your Google account on your computer, select the desired identity, and enter the activation code in the appropriate field.


An activation code is needed to watch YouTube on a smart TV. The YouTube app is also necessary.


A smart TV is any television capable of Internet connectivity. Once connected, a smart TV can stream video on demand from providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and they can utilize online options that include Web surfing, instant messaging and social networking.


Some good non-smart televisions include the Samsung LND630 and Samsung PN60, according to CNET and Plasma TV Buying Guide. Both televisions offer high-definition LCD displays, without the clutter of smart TV features.


Major electronics outlets such as Walmart, Sears and Best Buy all stock smart TVs both on their showroom floors and online in their Web stores where customers can compare prices and specifications. These televisions are designed to function as the centerpieces of home media setups and are relatively


Unlike regular televisions, smart TVs typically come with several applications that require the user to have Internet access. These applications and services provide more entertainment options for smart TV users without the need for other components.


Specific capabilities of smart TVs vary between brands and models, but the most common features include the ability to watch streaming video on demand, browse the Internet and download programs and applications. Smart TVs typically offer all the features of a normal TV in addition to online features


Smart TVs are effectively standard TVs with built-in computer technology to control Internet streaming and other services, so attaching a streaming device to a television gives it the capabilities of a smart TV. Popular options to attach to a television include Roku products, smart devices and full


Some popular smart TV apps include the AccuWeather app, Pandora, NBA Game Time, YouTube and HBO Go, as of 2015. Hulu Plus and Netflix are also popular apps.


There are many ways to watch TV on a smartphone, some of which include paid apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix, and free apps such as Crackle, Crunchyroll and Watch ABC. Subscribers of cable companies such as Comcast also have access to TV shows through apps like Xfinity TV Go.