An electric motor works by using magnets along with coils of wire to transfer electric energy into kinetic energy. The coil is positioned between two magnetic poles; when current passes through the coil, it experiences f... More »

An electric starter motor works by generating a heavy electric current at high speeds to turn and start an engine. The starter motor is equipped with a large electric switch that turns on and then off automatically in a ... More »

Orders from Electric Motor Warehouse are placed online at Customers simply browse the webpage, click Buy on an item, and then follow the screen's instructions. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Windmill generators work by capturing the kinetic energy of blowing air and converting it to electric energy using copper coils and magnets. The wind pushes the wind turbine blades, which turn an axle. The axle, usually ... More » Science Physics Electricity

Isolating transformers work by having a regular step-up or step-down transformer in which two coils of insulating wire are wound around an iron containing core, but it includes a Faraday shield which isolates the coils f... More »

Electrochemical cells generate or use electrical energy through oxidation and reduction reactions. One example is a cell composed of zinc and copper metals in which electrons travel from the zinc to the copper. Each elec... More »

Build an alternating current generator using an open ended cardboard box, copper wire, a nail and strong magnets. Insert a nail through the box, attach the magnets to it and wrap the box with 200 feet of 30-gauge copper ... More »