The First Crusade (1096-1099 C.E.) was the most successful. The Second (1147-1148 C.E.), Third (1189-1193 C.E.), Fourth (1201-1204 C.E.) and Last (which came soon after the Fourth) Crusades were less successful and added... More »

There were eight or nine crusades, though only the first four were of any importance. The Crusades were Christian military expeditions mounted to wrest the Holy Land from the Muslims who had conquered it. More »

Some of the negative aspects of the Crusades include massive loss of life, financial burdens that weakened the European nobility and a growth of hostility between religions. The Crusades lasted roughly from 1095 to 1270. More »

Beginning in 1096 and lasting for three years, the First Crusade involved the march of four armies from Western Europe against Muslims in the Holy Land. According to, the Crusade began after Pope Urban II mad... More »

The First Crusade began when Pope Urban II and a preacher named Peter the Hermit convinced the European people that all the evil in the world was due to the fact that Muslim people had control over the Holy Land. Pope Ur... More »

Contrary to the common myth that Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, he was not the first European to reach North America; that honor arguably belongs to Leif Erikson, who landed in North American locations in mod... More »

The Children's Crusade is supposed to have involved between 15,000 and 30,000 French children, who attempted to reach the Christian Holy Land by foot and boat in an effort to reclaim Jerusalem for their faith. Historical... More »