Snow is made out of tiny ice crystals that stick together. The tiny ice crystals form when the temperatures are low and there is moisture in the atmosphere. More »

Snow is made up of small ice crystals and is perfectly edible most of the time. The only time it is potentially dangerous to eat snow is when it is contaminated. More »

Snow is cold because it is formed by water crystals combining, a process that can only occur when the temperature falls to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below. When the temperature is over 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the precipita... More »

Types of snow crystals include stellar dendrites, stellar plates, capped columns, needles and triangular crystals, each of which only form under specific conditions. Stellar plates are one of the most common types of sno... More »

Snow is created in the atmosphere when there is a small amount of moisture present in the air and the temperature is below 32 degrees F. When the right temperature and moisture conditions are met, snow crystals form and ... More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

Five kinds of snow crystals are simple prisms, stellar plates, stellar dendrites, sectored plates and rimed crystals. Snowflakes are formed when water vapor freezes in clouds then falls through cold air to the ground. Sn... More »

Snowflakes form in the atmosphere when extremely cold water droplets form frozen crystals around tiny particles of dust or pollen. When these ice crystals fall closer to the ground, water vapor freezes onto the primary c... More »