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One of the most crucial elements in determining the perfect haircut is face shape. Matching the haircut style to the face shape emphasizes the best features of the face and de-emphasizes any flaws. Measure the length of the face and the width at the jaw line, the cheekbones and brow line to find the


An individual can choose a haircut based on the texture of the hair and the shape of the face. Considering these factors is an easy way to find a flattering hairstyle.


To decide what type of hair cut you should get, look at pictures of haircuts, talk to your hairstylist and then decide if the hairstyle you like could work for you. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right cut.


Although a wash is often a typical part of a salon visit, StyleCaster suggests that customers skip the shampoo because salon sinks can cause or exacerbate neck problems and other medical issues. Concerned customers should request that their stylists invest in cushions or use towels as pillows.


The recommended tip for a hair stylist is 15 to 20 percent. Although it was avoided in the past, it is now acceptable to tip a hairdresser who also owns the salon. If another person shampoos the hair, he or she should receive at least a couple of dollars.


To get a bob haircut with bangs, bring example photographs of the style you want to your hairstylist, discuss the features of the style, and work together to develop a version of the style that works best for you. Publications such as Marie Claire offer galleries of possible examples.


In most cases, getting a haircut at a barber shop is as simple as selecting a shop, walking in, requesting a cut, describing the desired cut to the barber, sitting still and following instructions during the cut and tipping the barber once the cut is complete. Those who are unsure about the process


To give a Schnauzer a haircut, clip the hair along the dog's back and flanks, brush and trim the legs, clip the throat and chest, clip the face and ears, and shape the eyebrows and beard with scissors. This 45-minute process requires clippers, a comb and scissors.


Consumers can usually find printable haircut coupons on individual salon websites or through a coupon website like RetailMeNot, which offers printable coupons for a variety of salons. Salon promotions do change and may have restrictions, such as requiring the person to sign up for a mailing list or


This is our insider's guide to making the most of your salon visit and communicating with your barber or stylist to ensure a great haircut. All Beauty, All the Time—For Everyone. If you've ever received a bad haircut, you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. It can mess up your life for