When addressing an envelope, the sender's name and address should be placed in the top left-hand corner of the envelope. The recipient's name and mailing address should be written in the lower center portion of the envel... More »

According to the United States Postal Service, an envelope is addressed using a delivery address, return address and postage of the correct amount. An envelope is easily and quickly processed through the mail if the info... More »

According to the United States Postal Service, a correctly addressed envelope includes the delivery address, the return address and postage on the same side. It contains the full, correct delivery and return addresses an... More »

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The sender's name and address go on the upper-left corner of the envelope. This section is called the "return address," as it provides the post office with a place to return the letter if the delivery cannot be completed... More »

When addressing an envelope the address of the sender should be in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope along with the full legal name. The recipient's address is to be placed in the center of the envelope and the ... More »

The sender's address is the return address and it should be placed on the front of the envelope in the upper left-hand corner. The delivery address as well as the postage should also be placed on the front of the envelop... More »

The United States Postal Service requests that the address and the return address be listed on the same side of the envelope, with the return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope. Failing to put the retu... More »