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The three major types of rain gauges are the standard gauge, tipping bucket gauge and weighing gauge. Further distinguishing aspects such as how they are set up and how they deliver data can be made, though the basic operation of rain gauges does not usually vary from these primary rain gauge types.


Rain gauges should be placed in an open area where there are no buildings, trees, or other obstacles to block the rain. This is also to prevent the water collected on the roofs of buildings or the leaves of trees from dripping into the rain gauge after a rain, resulting in inaccurate readings. Types


How Do Rain Gauges Work? By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017 . Rain Gauge Description. A rain gauge is a cylinder-shaped receptacle that a gardener anchors into the ground either with a stake driven directly into the ground or with a post driven into the ground. The rain gauge has measured increments marked on the sides of the ...


An instrument used by the meteorologists to measure the amount of rainfall over a period of time is the rain gauge. Rainfall is generally measured in millimeters or inches. There are many kinds of gauges – standard graduated cylinders, weighing gauges and tipping bucket gauges.


Rain gauges record rainfall. But they come in a range of shapes and sizes. So how is the volume of water in the gauge standardised, and how does this equate to the actual amount of water that falls?


If you are no pro in the study of the weather phenomenon, then you may not fully understand what the rain gauges are or how they work to fulfill their purpose. On a professional level, these instruments are considered indispensable especially because they are used to examine and gauge the amount of precipitation at ...


To participate you need a rain gauge and access to the Internet. Than all you need to do is set your rain gauge, install it and report on daily basis. You can use all types of rain gauges with Rainlog.org. Sites with live rain gauge data. There is couple of sites with live precipitation data reported by amateurs with rain gauges across USA.


How to Build a Rain Gauge. If you'd like to keep track of how much rainfall you're getting, you can either buy a rain gauge or make one for yourself. You only need a few simple materials and a small amount of time. Use the gauge to compare...