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How Fast Does Water Freeze? The speed at which water freezes varies greatly from one situation to the next. However, there are some primary variables from which a general estimate can be formed. The temperature of the water and its surroundings are the most important factors when determining the rate at which water freezes.


Hot water does not freeze faster than cold water. That idea is ridiculous. It can be misconstrued as such when you look at it without a mind towards physics and chemistry. When a liquid is cooled, it may pass the freezing point and not appear to freeze.


When water freezes it usually passes from the liquid to the solid state. As a liquid, water molecules are in constant motion, bumping and jostling each other and never staying in one place for long. When water freezes, the molecules slow and settle into place, lining up in regular formations you see as crystals.


How fast water freezes will vary depending on different variables. How much water is being frozen is one variable. Another variable is what temperature the water was at when the experiment started.


You can also make water freeze faster by boiling it first, and then freezing it while it's still hot since hot water freezes faster. If you want to make ice as quickly as possible, lower the temperature of your freezer, and try freezing bottled or purified water instead of tap water.


It mainly depends on three things First,mass of water. how much do water you have Second,it's temperature if you put a tremometer in your water what number does it show? Third,power of your freezer for example, if you've got a new powerful refrig...


Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? It seems obvious that the answer should be no, because all things being equal, hot water takes longer to cool down than cold water, and so it couldn't possible freeze faster.


When it comes to freezing water in your home, the most basic idea is to fill the ice tray and put it in the freezer. While it may look like you know everything there is known about freezing water, you might yet know how many things can be done to freeze the water faster and more competently.


Re: Calculated the time it takes for a liquid to freeze ?? This problem does not have a mathematical answer due to supercooling. When water is cooled below 0°C the ice configuration is more stable than the liquid configuration. If a bit of water freezes it releases heat (just like these hand warming pads do on crystallization).


• Released Gases: When tap water is boiled, gases and minerals in it are released into the air, which could slightly raise the freezing point and allow the ice to freeze solid more quickly than unboiled water. By this theory, distilled water may also freeze slightly faster than tap.