Mixing bleach and Pine-Sol in specific proportions releases toxic chlorine gas. Chlorine is extremely poisonous and quickly causes loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest and death when inhaled. These cleaning products... More »

Mixing bleach with vinegar causes a chemical reaction that releases chlorine gas, which can be very dangerous. Chlorine gas attacks the mucous membranes, causing painful burning in the eyes, throat and lungs. Inhaling ch... More »

When bleach and acid mix, toxic chlorine gas usually results. If chlorine gas is created, there is typically a green or brown cloud created in the air. More »

According to The Clorox Company, the manufacturer of Pine-Sol, the ingredients of Original Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner include water, C10-12 alcohol ethoxylates, glycolic acid, fragrance, caramel, dimethicone/silica/P... More »

Pine-Sol has altered its formula to make it safe for wood flooring. Pine-Sol can be used to clean wood floors as long as it is diluted and not allowed to puddle on the floor. More »

At room temperature and normal atmospheric temperature, chlorine is a yellow-green gas that has a density heavier than air. Lowering the temperature to minus 29 degrees Fahrenheit or increasing the pressure converts it t... More »

To clean the roof with bleach, mix trisodium phosphate and chlorine bleach with water, spray the solution onto the roof, and rinse the roof with clean water after 15 minutes. Oxygen bleach can be used in place of chlorin... More »

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