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The first pizza is believed to have been made in Naples by Raffaele Esposito in 1889. Other variations of flat breads with and without toppings were created previously by Egyptians and Greeks.


Pizza was originally invented in the Greek settlement of Naples between the 1700s and early 1800s. It was originally developed in response to the need for an inexpensive food that could be eaten quickly by regular working class Greek citizens. It was sold in informal restaurants and by street vendor


Pizza is defined as having a crust, sauce and a topping, and it is impossible to number how many types there are because the combinations are as limitless as the imagination. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes worldwide, and the countless variations of pizza fluctuate depending on the part of t


Although the specific origin of pizza is unclear, it likely developed from the flatbreads that had toppings on them and were sold by restaurants or street vendors in Naples, Italy. This inexpensive food initially became popular in the late 18th century.


Homemade pizza should take 10 minutes to bake in a 450-degree oven. For frozen pizza, cooking times vary, and the instructions provided on the box should be followed, but it generally takes between 12 and 20 minutes in a 425- to 450-degree oven.


To get free codes for pizza, check the coupon section of your local newspaper, check any coupons that come in the mail, and check online. Get pizza codes online either through the pizza delivery restaurant's website or through coupon code websites.


Good pizza starts with a dough made of flour, slat, water, sugar, yeast and olive oil. From there, toppings for pizza can range from simple tomatoes and mozzarella cheese to Fontina cheese, fennel and onion.


"Papa's Pizzeria" and "Pizza Bar" are some pizza games that are available online to play for free as of 2015. Both games feature multiple levels and exciting upgrades.


Naming a pizza parlor is a personal decision, but the names that work the best are memorable or catchy ones. A pizza parlor's name can include the owner's name like "Sam's Pizza," it can describe a feature of the business like "Family Style Pizzeria" or "Hot and Ready Pizza," or it can describe the


To make a pizza oven, unpack the oven kit, position the stand and the oven, connect the utilities, and season the oven. The materials you need include a gas pizza oven kit, a forklift, a level and measuring tape.