While it's not possible to determine precisely how old a dog is, it is possible to make a fairly accurate estimate of its age by examining the condition of the dog's teeth. In addition, a veterinarian may be able to prov... More »

Six to nine months is the traditional age before neutering is acceptable, although eight weeks is sufficient if the puppy is in good health. Neutering older dogs carries a risk of medical complications if the animal is o... More »

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A person can tell how old a dog is by looking at the dog's teeth, which means that it is easier to tell a puppy's age than it is to tell an adult dog's age. When looking at the puppy or dog's mouth, look at the way that... More »

Although female dogs start going into heat at the age of 6 months, they should not be bred until their second season, which is usually six months later. Males reach sexual maturity sometime between the ages of 12 to 15 m... More »

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Adult dogs have 21 teeth in each jaw for a total of 42 teeth. Puppies have 14 teeth in each jaw and 28 total teeth until they shed their milk teeth for adult dentition. More »