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Koi have been reported to achieve ages of 100–200 years. One famous scarlet koi named "Hanako" was owned by several individuals, the last of whom was Komei Koshihara. In July 1974, a study of the growth rings of one of the koi's scales reported that Hanako was 226 years old.


“How old do koi need to be to spawn?” is a pretty common question among fish keepers. Its a good question too. Check this recent Q and A sent in by a reader of the LOVEYOURPOND blog.. QUESTION:


How much do your Koi cost? Our tosai (one year old Koi) cost $50. Medium, large and jumbo sized Koi are priced on a per fish basis depending on: size, body conformation, skin luster and color. What's the difference between Domestic, Imported and Japanese Koi? Domestic Koi are any Koi fish that are bred in the US.


Best Answer: - 55 gallons is not enough for even 1 koi fish. - The filter is too weak for the tank, goldfish need double filtration. - Obviously it will decrease the health of your fish. - Koi fish can grow up to 3 feet long (at least) and can easily live 80-100 years in proper care.


Some Koi can get to be a meter long which is 100 centimeters, 3.28 feet or 39.37 inches. However, modern Koi average closer to 80 centimeters (31.5 inches), which is still a long way from the 1/16th inch of the newly hatched Koi.


Koi tend to be bred for coloration and patterning, so different koi breeds can have widely different ornamentation, but do not necessarily have different lifespans. It is difficult for breeders to produce fish with longevity in mind, because the optimal time for spawning is when a koi is three to six years old, long before it becomes clear how ...


You just don’t do this. Quite a few koi connoisseurs think of butterfly koi as “mutts,” and some say that butterfly koi aren’t even koi. Others, however, happen to think butterfly koi can be the finest koi in any collection, depending on several factors – size, pattern, and finnage. First, let’s consider where butterfly koi originated.


I believe that each koi should have 500+ gallons. I’ve read that with optimal conditions (proper habitat, clean water, pond maintenance, and proper nutrition), they live on average 30-35 years, and in extreme cases for up to 100 years. I have a few koi in our pond that are about 15 years old, and quite large.


Owning koi fish can be a huge commitment, not because they are high maintenance (the only pet that is lower maintenance is a pet rock) but because of how long the koi lifespan is. The average koi breed outside of Japan can be expected to reach fifteen years of age, but the average Japanese koi's lif


My fry were laid as eggs on 19th of may, they are different sizes,the biggest is say the size of an inch and a half, they are indoors but not heated tanks, but how do i tell the diff if they are koi or goldfish, if they are goldfish they can go to new homes but if koi ill keep them, the largest is a grey colour, and most are multicoloured, none are black or just orange...i know the orange of ...