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It is best to wait one or two weeks before coloring your hair after getting a perm. This period of time allows the strands to normalize again after the chemical process of perming.


People with really short hair can get a perm. However, if the hair is cut into layers, a perm should be avoided. Perms make short-layered hair frizzy and dry, which makes styling it difficult.


To grow out a hair perm, simply take care of the hair to keep it healthy, and get it trimmed regularly. Commit to being patient in the process, as a perm takes several months to grow out.


A person should wait 24 to 48 hours after receiving a permanent hair treatment before washing her hair. If water is applied sooner than 24 hours after the perm, the chemicals can neutralize, and the hair can lose the curl. To achieve the best results, wait 48 hours.


You should wash your hair before getting a perm because once you get the chemical treatment, you should not wash your hair for 24-36 hours, so that the perm sets and becomes permanent. When you finally do wash your hair, use a mild shampoo to protect the newly applied treatment.


Hairdressers recommend waiting for 48 hours before washing permed hair to avoid loosening the curls, which results in less curly and weaker hair. Tying or brushing newly permed hair within the stated waiting time is also avoided for that same reason.


Perms can take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how long the hair being permed is and what perming technique is implemented by the stylist. Once complete, a perm is not completely settled until about 28 hours have passed.


Customers should allow at least two weeks between perming and coloring hair. The perm should always be applied before the coloring if the two are not performed at the same time. Applying the perm involves a neutralizing step that requires hydrogen peroxide to be applied as an oxidizer.


The general suggestion for re-perming hair to fix or modify an initial perm that did not produce the desired results is between one to two weeks. The time in between the perm treatments should be taken to moisturize the hair and allow for the hair to normalize. A trained and licensed cosmetologist,


Perming works by inflicting damage to the structure of the hair by applying a solution that break the bonds that hold the keratin on the hair together. Another solution is applied to the hair for the keratin to fuse together according to the shape of the curlers, which gives the hair the perm. In ti