An evergreen shrub that thrives in warm weather, gardenias typically bloom from about mid-spring to well into the summer months. Gardenias are easily recognizable by their iconic white flowers and strong distinctive smel... More »

The gardenia flower symbolizes secret love, purity and peace, according to's Flower Dictionary. The gardenia was often used during the Victorian era to express anonymous or hidden love. Gardenias are also us... More »

There are a variety of reasons why buds fall off of a gardenia plant, but the most common cause is a change in location. Improper watering habits can also cause gardenia buds to fall off the plant. More »

Irises typically bloom for one to three weeks during the spring and summer months. Planting a varied selection of early blooming, mid-blooming and late-blooming iris species can extend the overall blooming period up to e... More »

Japanese privet is a dense evergreen shrub that reaches 8 to 12 feet in height. Small, white flowers with an unpleasant smell are produced in spring and summer, followed by dark berries. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Pittosporum tenuifolium, also commonly called Silver Sheen or Silver Sheen Kohuhu, is an evergreen shrub that is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones eight through 11. This upright-growing shrub ... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Jatropha integerrima, also known as peregrina or spicy jatropha, is an evergreen shrub or tree native to Cuba. It produces clusters of scarlet flowers that are about 1 inch across. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers