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Oak trees produce acorns once per year. The number of acorns produced can vary from a handful one year to a large amount on what is called a "mast year." A theory that explains the excessive fruit production is predator saturation, when the tree attempts to produce more fruit than can be eaten by predators.


Acorns are small fruit for such big trees, but the oaks pack their pods full of everything they require to sprout and grow into seedlings. Because acorns fall from the trees and germinate in autumn, the seeds must provide their own energy for root growth rather than relying on sunshine-based photosynthesis.


Acorn production varies for many reasons, according to other tree experts. It takes a lot of an oak's energy and food to produce acorns, so a tree's health, vitality and resources can impact numbers.


Growing Acorns. If you would like to propagate live oaks in your yard, gather acorns only after they fall from the tree. If an acorn rattles when you pick it up, the seed will not grow.


Oak trees produce acorns once a year. They bear tiny flowers in the spring that are pollinated. The acorns grow all summer long and ripen in the fall.


Acorns are the fruits (seeds) produced by Oak trees. The Oak tree will attempt to grow acorns every year. In some years the conditions for them are better and others but there are always some.


Acorns may also fall off trees if the branches are shaken. When the trees are plentiful, acorns are an essential food source for the local wildlife. Birds, rodents and deer commonly eat acorns that have fallen to the ground.


I n addition a lot of the oaks on the Cape are white oaks, so the flowers in spring produce acorns this fall, whereas in the black oaks, the flowers in spring 2014 produced the fall 2015 crop. Often the Cape will heavily mast its white oaks in different years than western MA (which is more red/black oak).


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Variations in the amount of mast in the fall has repercussions far beyond whether acorns sound like little bombs as they rain down on your house — or not! — or whether there are so many acorns ...