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Intermittent fasting (IF) is known to extend lifespan and improve various biomarkers of general health in experimental animals and although the jury is still out on its relevence to human longevity I'm confident enough to practice IF myself (Eat Stop Eat type regimen (Brad Pilon)).


Scientists slam the caveman diet - and say early humans just ate whatever they could to survive and reproduce. Team say early humans ate very much like modern pigs and bear


Russian scientists claim to have grown a plant from the fruit of an arctic flower that froze 32,000 years ago in the Arctic. That’s about the same time the last Neanderthals roamed the Earth ...


What Did Cavemen Eat? Prehistoric cavemen are known to have eaten ducks, fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds, among other items. Roughly two-thirds of a caveman's diet consisted of plant-based foods.


Did Cavemen Really Eat Tons of Meat? Or, Is The Paleo Diet Accurate? Rick Paulas. Rick Paulas has written plenty of things, some of them serious, many of them not, scattered over the vast expanses of the Internet. He lives in Los Angeles and is a White Sox fan. ... Did caveman really subsist on such a meat-based diet?


No, dinosaurs did not eat cavemen. The dinosaurs died out long before the evolution of mammals - warmblooded creatures and primates, including men. That idea was made up for the movies and ...


Don’t worry about what the cavemen did, because we’ll never truly know what the cavemen did. On top of that, comparing ourselves to the cavemen too often only leaves ourselves open to criticism from those who already feel the need to attack the Paleo way of life, for their own personal reasons.


However, through most of our species' history in the Pleistocene in Africa, we inhabited dryer savanna environments, so from the origin of our species around 200,000 years ago to the Out-of-Africa migrations 60-50,000 years ago, we probably did eat mostly plants.


When it comes to our eating habits, it's clear that we're doing it wrong. We may be in the midst of health crisis, but there are few practical solutions for dealing with it. But now a growing ...


Did Grok Really Eat That Much Meat? By Worker Bee. 57 Comments . Print. We get this question from time to time, and perhaps many of you, ... Paleo critics often argue that Grok and his clan would’ve never eaten as much meat as the paleo diet recommends – usually, they add, because they never could have caught that much. (Grok takes offense ...