Neon lights work by applying high voltage to the electrodes at each end of a sealed glass tube filled with low-pressure neon gas. This ionizes the neon and causes it to glow. More »

Neon sign repair is available from specialty shops such as Sign Stop, Ace Neon Factory and Neon Works. Prices for repairs for neon signage vary widely by the type and size of the sign. More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

The average life span of a neon sign is eight to 15 years. Failure at this age is due to the burnout of the electrical components; the neon gas itself retains its ability to produce light for up to 50 years. More »

Neon lights are created by creating a vacuum, which is an area that is empty of air, in a glass tube and then pumping specific gases, such as neon, mercury and argon, back into that tube. According to Harvard University'... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Neon lights use glass tubes filled with a low-pressure gas that glows under high voltage. A sign maker shapes one or more of the tubes as desired, adds a fluorescent coating and then fills them with special gases. This a... More »

The most common type of fluorescent light, the hot cathode light, works by using electricity to supercharge the ions of mercury gas encased within a glass tube. When the ions are charged, they emit photons that are conve... More » Science Physics Electricity

A cathode ray tube works by sending electrons from the negatively charged cathode to the positively charge anode, which has a small tube to allow electrons to exit out in a focused line onto a screen. The screen is coate... More »