To find the proper weight for a person's specific age, take height into account, according to Medical News Today. Many people choose to use Body Mass Index (BMI) as a means of measuring how much they should weigh. More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

When determining how much you should weigh for your age, there are a few factors to consider. Some include your height, sex, bone-density and muscle-to-fat ratio. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

One way to determine a healthy weight range is to measure body mass index (BMI). The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explains that BMI is used to measure if a person is overweight or obese. More » Science Human Anatomy

A few ways to calculate ideal body weight include using tools such as the body mass index and waist-hip ratio, according to Medical News Today. Another very efficient way to figure out ideal body weight is to calculate b... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

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