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How to Save Money on Wheel Bearing Replacement. Due to the importance of the wheel bearings to the overall handling of the car, it’s generally not a repair which you should attempt on your own to save money. The best way to save on wheel bearing replacement is to get a range of quotes from local garages to have the work done.


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To replace a wheel bearing, a technician will need put the car on a lift, remove the wheel and tire, and remove the brake caliper and rotor. On some vehicles, the wheel hub and bearing are simply unbolted from the steering knuckle and can replaced as a unit. On other vehicles, though, the hub and bearing are pressed together into the knuckle ...


Rear Wheel Bearings Both Sides. As for the rear wheel bearings, they will be a tad cheaper to replace but this will of course depend on the car make and model. The cost of a complete rear wheel bearing replacement will be somewhere in area of $240 to $460. Parts will on average be between $100 and $180. The labor costs will be around $140 to $280.


The wheel bearing is primarily responsible for enabling the wheels to spin while experiencing very little friction. Below you will find how much does a wheel bearing replacement cost, information about symptoms of a defective wheel bearing and when you should do a replacement of front or rear wheel bearings. How much does it cost to replace a ...


How Much Does a Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost? One source suggests that the cost of a wheel bearing replacement tends to hover between $307 and $422. This cost has two components, with one being the cost of labor, which hovers between $159 and $201, and the other being the cost of the wheel bearing, which hovers between $148 and $221.


Well, it really depends on the hourly rate. Certain shops range anywhere from, say, 65 to 125 per hour. Corporate stores typically have very talented technicians that make less per hour, but see more business than some independent shops. I person...


If the free play that you observe is much greater than one eighth of an inch, you are dealing with a serious problem and you will need to replace your wheel bearing as soon as you can. As a general rule, older wheel bearings must be replaced if you want to be cost effective.


If your car or truck has a non-serviceable wheel hub assembly with press in bearings, you will need a shop press to remove and replace the bearings. If your car or truck has non-serviceable wheel hubs, simply remove the old wheel hub and replace it with a new part. If your bearings are serviceable, you’re in for a great day under the shade tree.


How to Change Wheel Bearings. Wheel bearings are a vital part of a vehicle's suspension. Usually located in the wheel's hub, rotor, or brake drum, bearings help the wheel rotate smoothly when the vehicle moves. If you notice a humming or...