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There are several methods of determining how much you should weigh; with each method using different factors to calculate your ideal weight, such as height, waist and hip size, or frame size. This calculator uses your frame size, gender, and height to calculate how much you should weigh.


This is why IBW should be considered with the perspective that it is an imperfect measure and not necessarily indicative of health, or a weight that a person should necessarily strive toward; it is possible to be over or under your "IBW" and be perfectly healthy. How much a person should weigh is not an exact science.


If you've lost a significant amount of weight, increased your exercise or made any significant changes in your lifestyle in regard to eating and exercise, it's time to modify your plan. Simply use the Diet Assessment Calorie Calculator tool to help you find the appropriate calorie level based on the changes you've made in your lifestyle.


Have you ever asked yourself ‘How much should I weigh’? Or, “Do I weigh too much‘? How much should I weigh for my height and age? You no longer need to be confused about this. Find out how much you should weigh and measure your BMI with our handy calculator below.


What is the average weight for women who are 25-30 years old? A woman aged 25 to 30 years old should weigh somewhere between 104 to 137 lbs depending on her height. What is the average weight of a 16 year old female? By the age of 16, many girls have reached their adult height.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kleerekoper on what should i weigh at 5 2 woman: It depends on your 'frame' size, but height and weight charts are all over the internet. These give recommendations, but differ for each person based in age and level of activity as well.


The standard weight for men and women according to height and age varies depending on which chart you consult. Standard weight is a term used by the medical profession and insurance industry that refers to how much you should weigh based on your height. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company developed height-weight ...


The weight that a 5-foot 3-inch woman should be varies according several factors, including age, genetics and metabolic rate. According to the body mass index scale, the healthy weight span for women ranging from 5 foot 2 inches to 5 foot 4 inches in height is 110 to 140 pounds.


The ideal weight range for women varies depending on who you ask and which chart you consult. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, being an ideal weight does not mean having an ideal body. The medical profession and insurance industry use this term to refer to how much you should weigh based on your height.


This page makes use of of the recommendations of weight loss professionals, including Stephen B. Halls, M.D., B.J. Devine, M.D., and J.D. Robinson, M.D. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Halls discovered that women tend to imagine their ideal weight is in the Callista Flockhart/Twiggy range, so they diet unnecessarily; men, though more realistic, tend to ...