The amount of random access memory, or RAM, needed varies from computer to computer. A simple computer properties check shows how much RAM is currently installed on a computer. More »

Install RAM in a computer by first determining what RAM module the computer needs, then acquiring it, taking the computer apart and placing the module into the appropriate slot. It's important to observe all safety proce... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

As of 2014, the recommended amount of RAM needed to play video games is 8GB to 16GB. Some video games may require a minimum 4GB of RAM. However, that may cause a performance issue with the game. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

RAM is a short-term temporary form memory, as the memory is lost when the computer is turned off. RAM can also automatically be overwritten by computer programs that require the space. More »

There are two main functionality differences between RAM and flash memory: RAM is volatile and flash memory is non-volatile, and RAM is much faster than flash memory. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. More »

Primary memory is the internal working memory of a computer, and it includes RAM and the cache. Secondary storage is also called external memory, and it includes the computer’s hard drive. More »

RAM, short for random access memory, is used by computers to store data that is being used currently or was recently used. Accessing data stored in RAM is much quicker than directly accessing data stored on the hard driv... More »