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Travel nursing salary is one of the most important factors you will consider when thinking about applying for a travel nurse position. Traveling nurse salary is sometimes more than that of full-time, permanent staff. Travel nurses also receive medical benefits, paid housing and reimbursement for travel costs.


Travel Nurse Salary: How Much Do They Make? By Aaron Moore, MSN, RN-BC, travel nurse blogger. Money can be a huge driver for many to enter the field of travel nursing. Personally, I was more driven by the adventure of seeing new places, but I’ll admit that the money ain’t bad either!


The good news? Travel nurses still make good money! The even better news? Travel nurses can make much more money, in a short amount of time, by following the guidelines highlighted in this article. How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make? On the high end, many travel nurses can earn over $3000 per week.


With that in mind, if you search the internet to find out how much money travel nurses make, you’ll find huge disparity in the numbers provided. You’ll also find that the numbers provided are ambiguous. For example, when we were writing this article, we did a Google search for: how much do travel nurses make?


Travel Nursing Salary and Benefits. With NurseChoice, we offer the top travel nursing salaries in the industry. In addition, our high-value benefits package allows you the freedom to choose a short-term travel nursing job that best suits your lifestyle and financial goals.


The age old question about travel nursing is how much more can a traveling nurse make versus being a permanent staff nurse where they live? It's pretty well known that a travel nurse will take home more pay than that of a staff nurse, and that's just including salary.


Of course, I don't know how much you make currently so it's hard to say. You can make bank without factoring in the housing stipend. This is my second assignment, and both times I have let the company provide housing and still make double the hourly rate as I did as a full time nurse. You just have to do your research and be flexible.


Travel nurses can in fact earn more than salaried RNs who work full-time hospital jobs. Discover new travel assignments here! Figuring out how much a travel nurse’s salary compares to a full-timer is a bit more complicated than just comparing pay stubs. Travel nurse earnings break down differently than salaried positions.


Of course, how much you benefit from this as a nurse depends on your spending habits. Either way, you’re getting a significant amount of money tax free every month. So How Much Do Travel Nurses Make? As you can probably already tell, it depends. The gap between travel nurses in different states with different specialties can be as high as $20 ...


I don’t think I ever had an assignment where at least one nurse in my unit wasn’t under the impression I was getting paid a boatload of money to work as a traveler. Trust me, it wasn’t even a rowboat. How Much? In general, traveling nurses make about the same hourly wage as staff nurses. Lets take a look.