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Some types of pet insurance include health, liability and life insurance. Pet health insurance is a form of property insurance and covers the cost of medical care, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. Health coverage applies to accidental injuries, illnesses and routine


Pet sitting insurance is specialized insurance coverage that protects professional pet sitters from financial liability resulting from mishaps on the job. Insurance policies cover pet sitters if a client's dog bites someone and allow sitters to avoid liability should a pet cause property damage.


As of 2015, pet insurance companies include Trupanion, Nationwide Pet Insurance and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Pet Insurance, state the companies. Trupanion covers all 50 states and Canada. Nationwide offers major medical plans, and the ASPCA offers coverage throug


The price of pet insurance ranges from $15 to $18 per month for cats and $22 to $28 per month for dogs, as of 2015. The pet’s age and breed can affect the cost of insurance.


Affordable pet insurance options include the Level 1 plans offered by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Pets Best, says Reviews.com. Pets Best also offers specialty policies such as accident-only and cancer-only.


The cheapest pet insurance policies are those with high deductibles that cover accidents only, reports WebMD. Policies that cover both accidents and illnesses are more expensive, and the highest premiums are for policies that cover accidents, illnesses and wellness care. The cost of pet insurance va


Going online and searching for insurance companies that provide limited term coverage is one way to get three-month car insurance, reports Car Insurance Comparison. If already insured, a person can also look to his current insurance provider to see if the company offers limited term coverage. Not al


As of 2015 the best pet insurance providers are Healthy Paws, Pet Plan, Trupanion and Embrace, according to Consumers Advocacy Group. Important factors when evaluating a pet insurance provider are reimbursement policies, verified user reviews, payouts and deductibles.


Exactly how much life insurance a person needs varies based on factors such as income, expenses, family size and if the individual has any dependents. Some experts recommend having a life insurance policy that covers between five and 10 times a person's annual income.


The amount of car insurance a person needs depends on the type of cover needed. This will also depend on the state that a person lives in.