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Use the scrap nickel melt value calculator to find how much your items are worth in nickel content, or in determining what you might be willing to pay based on the spot price of nickel. The nickel scrap calculator will show you the price for 100% pure nickel, unless you indicate a lower percentage.


Nickel Prices and Nickel Price Charts. Nickel Price 5.26 USD/lb (11,600.06 USD/t | 10,243.79 EUR/t) 10 Jun 2019 - 52 Week Low 0.91 USD/lb 52 Week High 6.94 USD/lb. Nickel Price Charts in Different Time Ranges. 1 Week Nickel ...


The Nickel Bullion Melt Value Calculator, located below, will help you find the total nickel value of an individual nickel round, bar, or ingot; or of several different types and quantities of nickel items. The nickel value is based on the total weight of nickel content. ... Nickel Price per Pound:


Around one quarter of the global demand for nickel is met by recycling nickel scrap. Around 40 per cent of global nickel output is consumed in Europe, followed by Asia and America.


A pound of nickels is the equivalent of 90.7 nickels. Each nickel weighs 0.176 ounce. Since 16 ounces equals 1 pound, 16 must be divided by 0.176 to discover how many nickels are in a pound. One pound of nickels is worth about $4.55. With each nickel having a thickness of approximately 0.08 inch, a pound of nickels stacked one on top of the ...


According to PCGS’s Coinflation, nickel is currently being priced at $7.0587 per pound. Hope this answers your question!! —Travian Price, Quora Author since 2017


How Many Nickels: Weight . Time to break out the math to scale! How much does a nickel weigh. A nickel weighs 5.00 in grams. However, this is for a newly minted nickel. Circulated nickels can be worn down (lose weight from wear & tear) with age. A nickel weighs 0.0110231 in pounds.


That will give you today's closing price for nickel and copper. High grade copper trades in 25,000 lb. lots. I can't recall about nickel, but you can look that up when determining how much per pound. I can tell you, that the US Government spends more to manufacture pennies and nickels than the coins are worth.


If this is the case, you might want see the Face-Value-of-Coins-per-Pound section on this page and then weigh your separated coins on a scale to give yourself a quick estimate regarding the face value of the coins. Then you can decide if the respective counting fees associated with each type of coin are worth it or not.


The current price of copper per pound varies through time as a commodity, or precious metal, as it’s prices increase rapidly. Take for example, a Lincoln Small Cent minted from 1909 to 1982, designed by Victor D. Brenner… copper pennies with a tot...