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To the best of my knowledge, they don't sell India Ink at Wal-Mart. For this, you would have to go to a stationery or a craft store. It is usually about $5.00 a bottle.


A water-soluble ink is a much better choice for brush work as the delayed drying prevents ruining your brushes and it can easily be diluted. Also, many ink artists have found that Chinese calligraphy brushes work best with most India inks. Synthetic fibers tend to trap ink and may quickly be ruined.


If you take acrylic ink and add water, you lose color intensity so acrylic ink + water does not equal india ink. These inks are more dense and opaque than fountain pen inks. So if you want an ink that is light and airy and potentially translucent straight from the bottle, this is not it. The black is especially crisp & consistent.


India ink, also called Indian or Chinese ink, is a simple mixture used for centuries by calligraphers and artists who needed a medium that can be used like a water color for writing and drawing. India ink was made by the Chinese in the third century using burned bones and tar pitch.


Example of India ink on paper, Zeedijk by Gustaaf Sorel, (1939) India ink (British English: Indian Ink; also Chinese ink) is a simple black or colored ink once widely used for writing and printing and now more commonly used for drawing and outlining, especially when inking comic books and comic strips.India ink is also used in medical applications.


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India ink, or Indian ink or Chinese ink, is one of the most common inks used today in calligraphy, drawing and home or prison tattooing. It is simple to make and simple to use. It is most often used when doing brush work or drawing comic strips.


India ink was at one time a more permanent ink than others. Now you can get other inks that are permanet but make sure they say so. Second India ink is more of a pure black with very fine pigments, the fine pigments ussually make it a better choise. Mix it with 90% denatured alcahol.


India ink, also called Chinese Ink, black pigment in the form of sticks that are moistened before use in drawing and lettering, or the fluid ink consisting of this pigment finely suspended in a liquid medium, such as water, and a glutinous binder. The sticks or cakes consist of specially prepared lampblack, or carbon black, mixed with a gum or glue and sometimes perfume.