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Each transmission system is slightly different and there are various types of transmission fluid available, which can influence how much you pay to have it changed. On average, a transmission fluid change costs between $152 & $410 for the majority of cars. Transmission Fluid Change Cost Comparison Your Mechanic


Transmission Fluid Exchange. Like an oil change for your transmission, help optimize performance and longevity of this key system with a visit to Jiffy Lube® for a transmission fluid exchange. WHAT WE DO: Jiffy Lube® removes the used fluid and replaces it with new transmission fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's specifications.


TRANSMISSION FLUSH AND FLUID CHANGE. By keeping up with the your vehicle's recommended transmission fluid change schedule, you can keep your transmission in good working order and decrease the likelihood of costly transmission repairs down the road. In many cases, a transmission fluid exchange is due every 30,000 miles or 2 years.


CARS.COM — There are many fluids that run throughout your vehicle, but one of the most important to keep track of is the transmission fluid.Whether or not you should change it is not a matter of ...


A complete Transmission Multi Point Vehicle Courtesy Check for your transmission and related systems. Exchange of virtually all of the old transmission fluid - including the torque converter and cooler. Other basic transmission fluid changes can leave about 30% of old fluid in the torque converter and cooler.


The Valvoline transmission fluid cost is average on the auto services market, but it is a good investment compared to the damage that can result from not doing this procedure on time. Keep your engines running smoothly by performing regular checks and replacement of all the fluids that keep an engine in top shape.


If your fluid is badly discolored at 70k miles, I fear that you have a problem, so it may not much matter whether you drain or flush. Do one or the other and cross your fingers. Remember that draining the fluid gets only about half of the fluid out, so you will be mixing fresh fluid about 50/50 with old brown fluid.


Cost of a transmission flush: $240. Other cost factors: How much fluid your car needs varies depending on the type of the fluid, and the make and model of the vehicle. Final thought: “The whole reason behind this is that you’re trying to prolong the transmission’s life at this point,” Nelson says.


When you need answers about transmission repair, battery replacement, and vehicle maintenance, Completely Firestone has all the answers you need. TRANSMISSION FLUID CHANGE. When it comes to fluid changes, choose from two options: A full transmission fluid exchange using the fluid specifications recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.


Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the internal parts of your vehicle’s transmission. As a vehicle ages, contaminants that may cause damage to critical components can enter the transmission. Our Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Service provides a thorough transmission fluid exchange designed to clean the system and ensure harmful ...