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An insulin pump automatically delivers insulin 24 hours a day through a catheter inserted in the skin, according to the American Diabetes Association. This includes basal insulin delivered continuously to maintain glucose levels, bolus doses accounting for carbohydrates...


Some examples of insulin pump accessories are customizable skins and clips that allow users to wear pumps on their belts, notes Medtronic. Some other insulin pump accessories include USB chargers and leather cases, according to Tandem Diabetes Care.


Insulin is a hormone that lowers the amount of glucose, or sugar, in the blood. A low level of insulin always exists in the bloodstream, but the pancreas secretes more after a meal is eaten. Insulin is made and secreted in the islet beta cells of the pancreas.


Insulin works by regulating sugar in the bloodstream and helping the body store extra glucose for energy, states Mayo Clinic. Its primary role is maintaining normal sugar levels in the bloodstream.


Some retailers that sell insulin pump cases include Diabete-ezy, Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes Care. Patients can also purchase pop culture-related insulin pump cases from Pump Wear.


Insulin's function is to help regulate glucose levels in the blood by transporting glucose into the cells of the human body. If a person doesn't produce enough insulin or doesn't respond well to insulin, he may have diabetes.


Some benefits to insulin pump therapy include fewer to no shots, less hypoglycemia, increased flexibility of insulin rates and the ability to extend insulin delivery periods, according to HealthCentral. Studies show improved hemoglobin A1c levels and a reduction of requ...