A guinea pig can poop more than 150 times a day. Not all of the waste will end up in the cage because the rodent will eat the soft stool. More »

Although pet stores sell leashes that fit guinea pigs, Guinea Pig Today does not recommend using a leash on a guinea pig, as their bodies are delicate and prone to injury when under the force of a leash. The risk of losi... More »

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Guinea pigs may eat a mix of grass hay, vegetables and fruits as part of their daily nutritional intake. Plain, dye-free guinea pig pellets make a good addition to daily feeding. More »

A male Guinea pig is often referred to as a boar. By gently pressing on the abdomen of a male Guinea pig near the genitalia, a small penis will emerge that allows you to determine the sex of your pig. More »

Although initial signs of pregnancy are difficult to detect, Loving Your Pet explains that pregnant guinea pigs drink more water and grow larger; however, pregnancy cannot be confirmed until the latter stages when her yo... More »

One can determine if a guinea pig wants to mate by observing its behavior alone and in the presence of the opposite sex. Female guinea pigs may act restless and anxious when mating season arrives. The male guinea pig typ... More »

According to PetMD, one of the most common causes for hair loss in guinea pigs is barbering, an instinctual behavior in which guinea pigs chew off their own hair or the hair of other guinea pigs during conflict. Female g... More »