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start earning money as a youtube influencer List yourself as a Creator and Earn More This estimates your earnings before Youtube’s cut. (Although YouTube traditionally kept its share of advertising income secret, it is now common knowledge that Google keeps 45% of YouTube advertising revenue.


YouTube Premium is available as a paid membership in these locations. Revenue from YouTube Premium membership fees gets distributed to creators based on how much members watch your content. Ready to learn more about diversifying your revenue? Check out our course on ways to make money beyond ads.


To make money, you must follow all the steps described under the heading how to earn money from youtube (below). To start, open youtube.com with your Gmail account. Click on the bar beside the Youtube logo on the left corner.


Money from YouTube Ads represents 7.6% of how much you can actually make on YouTube. If you do the right marketing, you can make a lot of money with YouTube. Now, imagine if you have 500,000 or 5M subscribers.


So How Much Does YouTube Pay You For 1 million Views? Instead of beating around the bush I’ll jump straight to the chase and tell you on average how much a YouTuber could expect to earn from 1 million views. On Average: $600-$7000 earnings per 1 million YouTube views.


Get the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos. To complete this course: First, sign in, then finish the lessons at your own pace and pass the course exam with 75% to get your letter of completion.


The top-earning YouTube personality is 26-year-old British gamer Daniel Middleton, who made a staggering $16.5 million last year. For users like Aghdam, it seemed simple enough to record videos ...


On Average the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views. This equates to $3 - $5 per 1000 video views. In this post we discussed how people make money on YouTube. However, just how much do they make? Well here's a Youtube Earnings Estimator you can give a spin - to find out how much Youtubers make exactly, read on;