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It of course depends on how tall you are. But I would say about 90-130. If you are over 5 foot 4 in the fifth grade, I have no idea. I would guess 150 but just visit your doctor and see how much ...


Although much lighter than cast iron, porcelain on steel tubs weigh more than fiberglass or acrylic tubs, making them difficult to maneuver into place. The selection of shapes and sizes of steel ...


Best Answer: Enameled Steel about 75 lbs Fiberglass/acrylic about the same Cast Iron 350 - 400 If you're replacing the tub and it's cast iron, use a sledge hammer and break it into manageable pieces.


Ed Cunha, a plumber from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, replies: A steel tub is lighter and easier to maneuver than a cast-iron tub, which can weigh more than 300 lb. However, a steel tub is louder than a cast-iron tub when being filled with water, and a cast-iron tub keeps water hot longer than a steel tub does.


How much do the bathtubs weigh? The weight of the bathtubs varies from 170 lb (77 kg) to 308 lb (140 kg), depending on the model.


Calculate the weight of a steel plate with Chapel's conversion calculator.


2x10 5x8 3x10 15.80 20.72 25.47 30.03 7x7 6x8 4x10 2x12 17.11 22.42 27.60 32.58 42.05 50.76 8x8 7x9 6x10 4x12 19.66 25.82 31.86 37.69 48.85 59.32


The total weight of a large cast iron bathtub, full of water with an adult bather, can exceed 1,000 pounds. A 5-foot-long-by-2-foot-wide tub is supported by four or five floor joists if it sits perpendicular to the joists, and two joists if it sits in the same direction of the joists.


[quote=BCConstruction;977268]Even to this day I have had to lift massive tubs into a house before the internal walls are up. We also used to have to do the same with 100 gallon storage tanks in the loft. The last one I did where we done this was a 200 gallon tub. That thing was fun to move around even without walls.


The American Standard New Salem 60 in. Enameled The American Standard New Salem 60 in. Enameled Steel Soaking Bathtub with Left Hand Drain in White features an integral apron and full slip-resistant pattern. Made with acid resisting enameled steel construction this bath tub is a perfect addition to any home.