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How much does a 8 foot by 10 foot by one inch steel plate weigh? Using density of steel @ 490.06 pounds per cubic foot (approx) 8 * 10 * (1/12) * 490.06 = 3267.07 pounds (approx) share with friends


Disadvantages of Steel. Although much lighter than cast iron, porcelain on steel tubs weigh more than fiberglass or acrylic tubs, making them difficult to maneuver into place.


The total weight of a large cast iron bathtub, full of water with an adult bather, can exceed 1,000 pounds. A 5-foot-long-by-2-foot-wide tub is supported by four or five floor joists if it sits perpendicular to the joists, and two joists if it sits in the same direction of the joists.


How much do the bathtubs weigh? The weight of the bathtubs varies from 170 lb (77 kg) to 308 lb (140 kg), depending on the model.


Best Answer: Enameled Steel about 75 lbs Fiberglass/acrylic about the same Cast Iron 350 - 400 If you're replacing the tub and it's cast iron, use a sledge hammer and break it into manageable pieces.


How much space do you have? Before falling in love with a particular type of tub, you need know just what your bathroom can accommodate. A standard tub is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, but many other sizes and shapes are available.


I bought and just installed the Villager tub and I am very impressed with the quality of this tub. I have seen both steel and plastic tubs and this cast iron tub is so much better. Cast iron just looks beautiful, very shinny and clean. Cast iron it is very tough, and it is very easy to clean. It also holds heat much better if your taking a bath.


Calculate the weight of a steel plate with Chapel's conversion calculator.


How Much Weight Can an Acrylic Bathtub Afford? ... ranging from cast iron to steel, acrylic and composite tubs. ... A cast iron tub, for example, can weigh up to 600 pounds before water is added, while an acrylic tub might weigh 100 pounds before water, depending on the type of acrylic tub you are buying. They are the budget solution for bathrooms.


How Much Does a Cast-Iron Bathtub Weigh? Cast-iron bathtubs range in weight from approximately 225 pounds for a 48-inch classic clawfoot tub to 500 pounds or more for a 72-inch pedestal tub. The classic model is a smaller tub with four short legs, and the pedestal is a large tub with a built-in base.