A car dealership typically charges up to one hour of labor to program a new car remote, otherwise known as an electronic key fob. Some dealerships may perform this service at no charge, according to Edmunds. More »

The cost of brand new GEM electric cars ranges between $8,000 to $15,000. The price of the vehicle depends on which model and accessories are purchased along with it. More »

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The cost to repair a transmission depends on the issue and may range from just about $100 to over $8,000, as of 2015. Leaks in the transmission may only be a couple of hundred dollars to repair, but a brand new transmiss... More »

While many new car dealers promote the purchase of undercoating or rust-proofing as an option when buying a new car, the Consumer Reports Car Test Center believes it is not needed on any new car. All new cars have factor... More »

The two major components that determine a fair automobile labor cost are the cost of labor per hour, which drivers can estimate using RepairPal, and the estimated time the job takes, which is available on AutoMD. Drivers... More »

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People looking to have an engine replaced should speak with local mechanics and request estimates, as the labor fees involved in the engine replacement can match or even exceed the cost of the engine itself. Buyers shoul... More »

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The exact figure for alternator replacement depends on the make and model of the car; most users paid a high average of $640 with the labor cost of only around $150, as of 2015. Alternator replacement is not labor intens... More »