Determining the weight of 100 CDs depends on whether only the CDs are weighed or if the CDs have sleeves or jewel cases. A single CD by itself weighs about 0.58 ounces. Therefore, 100 CDs by themselves weigh 58 ounces. More »

Compact discs weigh an average of about half an ounce. A cardboard sleeve adds about 1 ounce to the weight. CDs are optical discs used for storing digital information, including music and data. More »

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) indicates how much a person should weigh varies based on individual factors such as current height and weight. The calculation used to indicate whether a person is ove... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

Protective casings, such as jewel cases or paper sleeves, prevent CDs from gathering dust or scratches that can render them unusable. It is advisable to store discs in jewel cases when not in use, because this protects t... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Half Price Books bookstores, eBay and garage sales are good places to sell used CDs. Other resale shops may also buy used CDs from sellers. More » Technology Audio Equipment

The first CDs were available in October 1982. In 1985, the first CD-ROMs, which are read by computers, came to the market. Since that time, more than 30 billion CDs have been sold. More »

Most banks and investment firms offer Certificates of Deposit, also known as CDs, explains the Securities and Exchange Commission. Long-term CDs generally offer the best interest rates but tie up an investor's money for ... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts