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Pro basketball is big money, and stories about player salaries and contracts make big headlines. For example, Forbes reports that the 2017 Lonzo Ball contract called for up to $30,184,438 over this time as a rookie, while Markelle Fultz would receive up to $33,727,701 for his rookie contract.


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According to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, NBA players must be paid a minimum salary contingent on their years of experience. For 2016-2017, the rookie minimum is $543,471.


NBA Rookie Scale - RealGM. * First round picks can sign for as much as 120% and as little as 80% of the rookie scale.


In total, 60 basketball players will hear their names called at the 2018 NBA Draft on Thursday night. But the honor of being the first player picked also comes with the biggest rookie payday. This ...


Rookie contracts tend to favor the team as it locks a promising young player into a lower (by NBA standards) salary for as much as four years. Zion Williamson will make a little more than $8 ...


How Much Money Do Overseas Basketball Players Make? The amount of money an athlete can earn playing basketball overseas can vary depending on the country. In China, some players earn between $1 and $3 million a year, while players in Europe start out around $100,000.


The maximum salary for a WNBA player is $105,000. As a rookie, an individual can only make a salary of $49,440 currently.


How Much Money Does an NBA Draft Pick Make? ... rookie players will be locked into bargain level contracts for as many as five years. ... Basketball, NBA, NBA Draft 2016. Home;


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