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Cruise ship captains are the commanders of cruise ships, which involves the overall operation, crew management and the safety of the ship. Effective captains have strong physical health and problem-solving skills. They must communicate effectively and be able to adapt to conditions that change constantly. They need a ...


A day in the life of a cruise ship captain. Julie E. Houston. July 15, 1999 in Career. It’s not all fun on the high seas. While you’re busy gambling, drinking and dancing the night away, your ...


A cruise ship captain's salary can be six figures annually. Captains on the largest ships, responsible for 5,000 or more passengers and crew members, can have a salary in excess of $150,000 ...


Cruise-line companies might be in dire financial straits but their captains are enjoying life on the ocean wave. The average salary for a cruise-liner captain jumped 22.8 per cent last year to US ...


A cruise ship captain is in charge of a boat that serves as a large, floating city. The well-being of 3,000 passengers and a large crew is at stake. Once out of port, most large ships are equipped with auto-pilot for smooth sailing. Charting a course, avoiding the danger zones and focusing on potential weather changes are essential job duties.


What Is the Salary for a Cruise Ship Captain? The average salary for cruise line captains was $153,379 as of 2012, which was a 22.8 percent jump from the previous year. By comparison, captains of container and bulk carrier ships made around $110,981 per year.


The average salary for a Ship Captain is $92,630. Visit PayScale to research ship captain salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more.


The average salary for a Ship Captain in United Kingdom is £59,481. Visit PayScale to research ship captain salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep data specifically for cruise ship captains. The median salary for all ship captains (including commercial and cargo ships) was $69,180 in May 2018. The median is the salary in the middle, meaning half of captains earn more than this amount.


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