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Depending on the position, an employee of a cruise ship can make between $800 and $8,000 per month, plus tips, as of 2014. Workers also receive a room, food and entertainment while on the ship as part of their compensation.


The average annual salary of a day care director in 2012 was $43,950, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hourly wages averaged $21.13 per hour.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2012 median annual salary for directors of television, theater, movies or other productions was $71,350. "Median" indicates the middle income level; half the directors made more, while half made less. Directors in th...


Theater and film directors are primarily responsible for the overall interpretation of a script and for bringing that script to life, either on stage or on screen. Directors must coach and coordinate both the cast and crew. They also ensure all aspects of a production c...


An American Cruise Line cruise costs between $1,000 and $12,000, as of 2016. The cruise prices vary depending on the cruise and room types. For example, an Alaska Inside Passage cruise costs $20,580 for two people in a Category A Stateroom, but $24,500 for a Category AA...


On average, cruise ships use 200 to 300 tons of fuel a day. Cruise ships carry up to 3,000 tons of fuel for a trip. Fuel consumption of a ship depends on the ship's size, speed, destination and features.


The average cruise ship weighs from 20,000 to 60,000 tons, though cruise ship weights are usually calculated using gross registered tons. One GRT is equal to 100 cubic feet of enclosed revenue-earning space within the ship. On the GRT scale, modern cruise ships have an ...